Links We Love

Links We Love

succulentsHere are a few things that caught our eyes this week. Happy Spring!

* We can’t wait for the MFA’s upcoming “Quilts and Color” show.

* Book lovers, unite…online. Mashable lists the 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Nerds.

* I want to make every piece in the sparrow sans collection by Carrie Bostick Hoge and Quince & Co.

* Deconstructed fluffernutter, a Vermonter, and promises of Maine’s Lobster Roll to come: keep track of Kelly Pratt’s Stately Sandwich project to see if she got your home state’s signature sandwich right.

* Haven’t seen the new book trailer yet for Handmade Gatherings? Check it out here!

* And don’t forget to enter one of the TWO giveaways we have up on Goodreads: Handmade Gatherings, and The Belle and Boo Book of Crafts.

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