Links We Love

Links We Love

SMMOAHere are a few things that caught our eyes this week.

* A short film about Angie Lewin’s printmaking. It’s always inspiring to watch an artist’s or maker’s process. It’s especially inspiring when you love their art.

* We want to go to here. So much yarn, so much goodness. And a weekend of weaving, yes please!!

* Dartmouth College’s dining hall, j’accuse! My passion for fresh-baked scones goes deep. And now, thanks to article, I can finesse my scone baking at home.

* These laser-cut knitting needle gauges from Etsy are just…beyond words. I’m in love.

* For being a typophile and a fan of creative abecedarians, this combination of the two by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich is spectacular!

* Making dresses out of paper. This story of four-year-old “Mayhem” is so fun.

* I have a soft spot in my heart for Sashiko. Oh those stitches!


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