Links We Love

Links We Love

IvyFlowersHere are a few things that caught our eyes this week.

* It’s no secret that I have an intensely Pavlovian response to delicious falafel (and persimmons, and dark chocolate, and…). Here is another recipe to shuttle up to the top of my to-do list.

* Lily Stockman is a wonderwoman. We can’t get enough of her painting, writing, blockprint scarves, dog, literary choices, green thumb, and adventures.

* A spare, honest look at caring for oneself and one’s heart in winter, and the simple pleasures to be had in vibrant food.

* Not only is this a beautiful collection of photographs, this New York Times article on the American textile industry is a great read. Enjoy!

* A lovely look at dyeing yarn from foraged apple bark. Rachel at 44 Clovers never fails to inspire with her dyeing experiments.

* This weekend, Rochelle and Jenn realized they had both been knitting the exact cardigan from this gorgeous collaborative book. The Roost team’s got synergy…


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