Links We Love

Links We Love

stoolsHere are a few things that caught our eyes this week.

* Are you knitting a lot of gifts this season? Bonnie Sennott of Blue Peninsula offers a list of resources for helping your busy hands and wrists feel healthy and happy.

* Oh, some Etsy shops are Alice-in-Wonderland-style rabbit holes, like Peddlers Finds. Just try to click away without buying antique letters press stamps or nesting Pyrex.

NPR’s Planet Money has an excellent series on the making of a T-shirt—from the cotton fields to the garment factory—offering insights into the industrial, environmental, and human costs of common goods.

* Weaving clouds with two-year-olds. Rachel Bingham of 44 Clovers shares the sweetest little weaving project.

* This five-part video on “Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt” is a great visual supplement to the podcasts.


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