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GIVEAWAY: Adventures in Yarn Farming + Foxfire Yarn

Barbara Parry’s Springdelle Farm revolves around the sheep, llamas, and goats that contribute to her signature farm yarns. Follow Barbara through a year on the farm—from lambing and caring for her flock to shearing and preparing fiber for yarn—and get an insider’s view of life on a fiber farm, all told through the eyes of a veteran shepherdess and textile artisan. Along the way, discover techniques for spinning and dyeing natural fibers and patterns from top knitwear designers.

Comment below telling us about the fiber projects you have lined up for the winter for a chance to win a copy of Adventures in Yarn Farming plus some of Barbara’s Foxfire Yarns! You’ll get two skeins of the Cormo Alpaca Lace in purple coneflower, enough to create Marnie MacLean’s Sundance Scarf from the book! We will choose a winner on Thursday, November 14th! 

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Andrea who said, “I have so been looking forward to this book! I think I’m going to tackle a cardigan this winter, along with the usual socks.” Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Adventures in Yarn Farming is now available everywhere for purchase!


78 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Adventures in Yarn Farming + Foxfire Yarn

  1. What a wonderful book! I have many projects planned for this winter, Mittens, socks, Dish clothes, Waldorf doll clothes, slippers, and a sweater. That is it so far, but I most likely will add more to the project list.

  2. I am looking forward to reading more about Barbara Parry’s journey. Her farm is local to me, and I love learning the stories of local farms. I also greatly admire her Foxfire yarns and look forward to one day knitting a garment with her Cormo Alpaca. A shawl, a sweater and finishing up some WIPS this winter are on my list.

  3. My older sister just found out she is pregnant, and so I’m finally going to be an autie! I would love to finish knitting some baby clothes for my first niece or nephew 🙂

  4. The list is long, the chill in the air is spurring me along – mittens for Claire, needle felted chickens for Bruce, a baby blanket for Wylee, and socks, socks, socks! The yarn is calling me…

  5. Mostly knitted toys. I am working on a monster softie for my nephew, a few farm animals for my big girls, and just cast on for a hat for my baby girl. I would love to try out these yarns and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.

  6. Right now I am working on knitting a winter hat for my little girl. Next I would like to knit some “boot socks” or rather leg warmers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Would love a copy of this book to add to my library! I’m currently working on the fringe of a shawl I’m making for a dear friend who taught me how to crochet. Also working on a patchwork knitted afghan for myself that will probably take me all winter. And I’ve promised my granddaughter a sweater of her design for Christmas. What’s next? I’m afraid to think!

  8. My plans include holiday gifts–hats, cowls, mittens, shawls, and so on. For myself, I hope to make a cabled cardigan. My yarny aspirations always exceed the time available to achieve them fully, though. This book looks like just my cup of tea, and it has gone directly to my wish list.

  9. Oh-la-la, I’m dreaming of knitting my 6 year old a little cardigan with an owl pattern running across the chest. It has been on my list for seasons now and the time has come~

  10. I bought some gorgeous yarn at a local yarn farm that’s exactly the colour of forget-me-nots, my favourite flower, to attempt socks for the very first time! What makes this project extra special to me is that I’ll be using my grandmother’s needles – she died just before I was born but I’ve always felt a special connection to her.

  11. Another hat. A black one. For my nephew. My seventh hat this year. Circular needles. In the round. A crown for his fabulous head. 🙂

  12. Would love to hear first hand stories of yarn farming. My dream is to drop out of corporate life and become a homesteader, raise livestock for textiles, spin and garden. I am currently working on a baby afghan for an expecting friend, but hats, scarves, shawls and socks are always great projects to fill in for home made holiday gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to hear your stories.

  13. I’m in the process of making an afghan for my mother-in-law for christmas, also a sweater for my mom, and I plan on a couple of hats and scarves for some friends. Also a few baby items for my friends first baby due in January! I’ll be busy busy busy 🙂

  14. Trying to recreate my grandma’s sock pattern that my father really loves. We don’t know anybody who has the pattern, although it is a pretty classic rib sock. Her style of heel is pretty interesting and fairly easy to figure out, and i know she used really small needles for the gauge of yarn she would typically use.

  15. I’m working on a serious of cowls for Christmas gifts for my family. Once those are done, I have a poncho and two sweaters I want to make for myself. That’s not counting any other projects I may pick up along the way!

  16. I am searching through all the knit and crochet projects I would like to do, to find some that match up with what is in my left-over-yarn bag. I have to be economical this year. I think I will be making some muticolored hats and scarves.

  17. I’ve just reminded myself how to knit a hat (which I do with alpaca merino, preferably) … so I’m sweating out the early details. Hopefully I’ll be done in time for the holidays! And, this book looks awesome. It’s a world I’d like to enter, if only with my mind.

  18. I am knitting dumpling bags to be felted and embroidered with wool yarn for a dimensional look. These will be used for holding yarn while knitting socks! That way its compact (slips over your arm while standing in line, etc.,) and you can carry your other completed sock for measuring with you. These are very cute and colorful! Next project is a felted round cat bed made from scrap yarn.

  19. I am going to be making several hats for distribution at the local shelter. Also some baby hats for the hospital and my brand new Grand Niece!!!

  20. My winter plans are to spin enough lace weight yarn on my new to me antique walking wheel to knit my second shawl. Knitting up some of my yarn stash to keep others warm will fill in the spots of waiting time and quiet time after the holidays. Can’t wait for the snow to fly so there is loads of quiet time.

  21. I have two goals. One, I am planning on dressing my loom to weave a scarf made from tussah silk and use some lovely handspun Australian merino as warp. And, two, I am going to teach myself the art of naalbinding.

  22. I haven’t had a project to work in a lo-o-o-ng time, since I’ve been living on a fixed income for that long! Yet my collection of needles remain close by, and my fingers whirl silently at times, while I patiently await the next project to come…
    Love this author’s work, and am inspired by her lifestyle!

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