Links We Love

Links We Love

Here are a few things that caught our eyes this week, with a special section for all the lovely posts we could find about the Taproot Gathering at Squam!

* Next week, the Roost team is traveling north to Portland with only inspiration, tasty food, and lovely shops on the agenda. What would you put on your must-see list?

* There is no end to the charm of Katt Frank’s illustrations.

* Phoebe Wall at Squam. Phoebe, and everything she makes, are just as sweet as can be.

* This awesome lady and her gorgeous photos and Squam story.

* From Amanda—the soul mama of Squam.

* A story from Five Green Acres on a Squam class taught by Roost’s very own Christine Chitnis.

* If we didn’t love Ashley English enough before we took classes and spent time with her at Squam, it’s a full-blown affair now. Can’t wait for her upcoming Roost books!

* Squam and a Little Local Flavor—a recap from our lovely upcoming author and Squam workshop leader, Christine Chitnis.

* Some lovely words and photos about the gathering from Squam themselves.

*A story of teaching and relaxing at the Taproot Gathering on Squam Lake from natural dye teacher Rachel Bingham.

* Check out all these other wonderful posts about what sounds like a magical weekend at Squam from Pheasant, Blue Peninsula, Our Island Home, Yarn Harlot, Sew Liberated, The Spun Monkey, Miranda Makes, and The Spirit of the River.



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