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Roost in the New York Times!

It’s not every day a Roost author is featured in the New York Times, let alone one with the grace, chops, and confessional bent to pen a piece for the Motherlode, KJ Dell’Antonia’s insightful blog about parenting “adventures”. In her essay, Lisa Catherine Harper (of The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage) let us into her home for an unfiltered, honest take on what family “dinner” looks like these days at her house amidst extracurriculars, sports practice, parents working late, homework woes, and all the other goods on the daily checklist. Let’s just say she alludes to regularly serving an early dinner, middle dinner, a late dinner: “I feed my kids like hobbits.” (And you thought you were the only one.)

Not surprisingly for such a complex and sensitive topic, readers commented widely. So Lisa followed up on her blog, Learning to Eat, with a thoughtful response to the response, reminding us, “A family meal can structure family life, but it doesn’t have to be dinner, and it’s certainly not the only structuring principle of family life.”

How does this colorful conversation about family dinner inspire you? What is your favorite not-so-traditional way of serving a “regular” family meal?


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