Links We Love

Links We Love

Here are a few things that caught our eyes this week.

* The urge to try using natural dyes just keeps getting greater. Sasha Duerr’s Seasonal Color Wheel, a colorful guide to making dyes from seasonal foods, might just have tipped us over to the “must do immediately” phase.

* This tumblr page for moody gorgeous photographic inspiration.

* Upcoming Roost author—and brilliant designer—Erin Jang has been working on a little side project for fun. Her food sketches are bright, quirky, and as undeniably appealing as everything she puts her hand to.

* A world of flea market finds at your virtual fingertipsAfar Magazine never fails to inspire wanderlust and creativity.

* Portland Apothecary offers a CSA program for herbs, they call it community supported herbalism.


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