Links We Love

Links We Love

We hope you’re finding lots of cozy, bright ways to celebrate the return of the light on this shortest day of the year.
Happy solstice and a very happy holidays!
Here are a few things that caught our eyes this week.

* These little house gift boxes on Design Mom are adorable! They make the perfect container for those last-minute gifts.

* My friend Amanda drives by my house every morning on her way to work, and sometimes we leave little homemade treats for each other in a secret (weatherproof!) spot. This week, she left me a box of these from Nourished Kitchen. Now *that’s* a good friend.

* At this time of year, eating decadently comes with the season and we LOVE it! But sometimes, you just need a break and a lighter, healthy, satisfying meal. This recipe for savory stuffed sweet potato with white beans and kale from TheKitchn looks delicious and easy for a cozy winter lunch or dinner.



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