Links We Love

Links We Love

A few things that caught our eyes this week.

 * We could have just devoured the world’s largest, coziest breakfast and still have room for these. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen.

* Hello sweet baby June; hello mama Molly.

*The Boston Local Food Festival is coming up this weekend; we’ll be walking or biking down to the Greenway to sample and savor some deliciousness.

Dark Rye‘s feature on Megan Paska, Brooklyn beekeeper, feeds my perpetual dream of having a beeyard one day.

* In the Huffington Post, Michael Ruhlman answers the question, “Is Food Writing Important?” with a resounding, impassioned, “Yes!” Turns out cooking food, eating together, and storytelling are uniquely essential for sustaining human life. (We agree!)

* A coworker sent this to us with our kids and they loved it. It’s so cute, but beware, you’ll be singing it for days.

Clementine Art makes beautiful art supplies that are good for little ones and the planet. Let’s color!

* Penguin has come up with another beautiful repackage of the classics. The forthcoming Drop Cap series is illustrated by the super talented Jessica Hische and art directed by Paul Buckley. These books are gorgeous!


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