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GIVEAWAY: Back to School! (closed)

To celebrate the back-to-school season, we’re sharing a few projects to help you keep those creative juices flowing at home. Start a seedling, give a gift from the heart, and just be silly with these three free downloads.

And the winner is:
Mary Ann who said “We encourage “building” lots of items from recycled materials, cardboard rolls, Styrofoam cups, string, glue, etc. Also I take pretty ad pictures from magazines & often have them write or tell a story about these. Wonderful tales comes from this. Thanks for the offer.” Congratulations Mary Ann!

 Free Project # 1: Life Cycle of a Seed from Playful Learning

Free Project # 2: Coupons from The Write Start

Free Project # 3: Creative Writing Exercise from Rip the Page

For even more ways to bring the learning home, leave us a comment here by Tuesday the 25th telling us about one of your family’s favorite creative activities and we’ll choose one lucky winner to receive all three books!



21 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Back to School! (closed)

  1. my familysfavorite creative activities is painting using stensils,making collages from bits of scrap.,and making models from yogurt pots ,empty bottles,carboard tubes and bits of wooland material

  2. We have started story telling at our house. I started by telling my toddler and preschooler a made up adventure story every night before bed. Now I am amazed at the stories that they have begun to make up on their own now. We are constantly inspiring each others imaginations with what adventure we think up next.

  3. These are three books I’ve had on my wish list a long time! … My girls and I love to create nature art together. We’ll go out to one of our favorite natural spaces (beach, park, backyard) and collect bits of nature, like leaves, pinecones, shells, flowers, etc. Then, we arrange our finds into art. We make mandalas, sculptures, shapes, designs… and then leave them to be discovered by others, or to just return to the earth. We love combining our shared love of nature with creativity! (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  4. We love to act out anything and everything, changing our favourite books to include new characters and have different endings, even our 1 year old knows how to be someone else, and it can carry on over dinner, bedtime, whatever – it doesn’t need its own time space.

  5. we love to re-use anything and everything we can. One of our favorite creative inventions is reusing the paper bags with handles. We cover the bags with scrap material and then use for gifting. The bags look so funky. Everybody loves them.

  6. creative sourdough bread kneading, shaping and baking! some make food, some make letters, some make animals….something for everyone, including mom who needs to make bread….

  7. We always have a big jumbo pad of paper on the living room floor and a box of colored pencils and crayons at the ready for those who feel inspired to draw any time, day or night.

  8. I love spending time introducing my toddler son to arts and crafts. He has so much fun experimenting with all the supplies and is so proud of his creations.

  9. We encourage “building” lots of items from recycled materials, cardboard rolls, styrofoam cups, string, glue, etc. Also I take pretty ad pictures from magazines & often have them write or tell a story about these. Wonderful tales comes fromg this. Thanks for the offer.

  10. We have had lots of birthdays among our friends and family recently – so making birthday cards has been a lot of fun the past few weeks. My boys have a great time designing and decorating, and now they are practicing their writing skills too. The recipients seem to really enjoy their mini works of art.

  11. We would love to collect dry leaves and paste it to our journal. And also do some art like painting. Probably next activity i would encourage my kid to take a photo each day.

  12. Story lab! We hang out outside and collaborate on writing a story together, passing around a notepad among the family, each writing a sentence or two (or taking dictation from our youngest), and then reading it aloud.

  13. Our favorite creative activity is making books. We make up funny stories, draw, paint, colour, cut, glue, write, than staple or “fancy sew” the pages together… and another book is born. Time to put it in the envelope, decide to whom we are sending it, walk to the mail box, and off it goes to one of our favorite friends…

  14. My family shares a love of mail-art and some are members of IUOMA (International union of mail-artists).We use incense boxes,tea bag envelopes,leaves and bark ; we clip out interesting pictures and comics and sayings we find funny or crazy and match them to people we know or love, and make a postcard out of cardboard or other materials, glue them on and send to family& friends of all persuasion —and we get cool stuff back,from all over….Once my brother was coming down with a sore throat and opened up his mail-there in the packet from Germany along with the mail art were some authentic German throat drops (worked really well!)

  15. I taught my grandson the beauty of turning trash into art by making bird feeders out of 2 liter soda bottles. Also how to alter books into journals or art that people or library ‘s throw away. Basically to teach that creativity is endless. boundless and something wonderful can be made from nothing, or a blank piece of paper

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