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Free Project: Coupons from The Write Start

When it comes to gift giving, children want to know how to make something all by themselves, from start to finish, without having to ask for help. That way, they can maintain the element of surprise.

Enter the coupon booklet. Customizable for any occasion, the cute coupon book is a gift that keeps giving. Show kids how to make their first one, and they’ll be able to craft a made-to-order gift for any special occasion or just to show a little everyday appreciation.

Don’t be fooled by how easy it looks, though. Children put a tremendous amount of thought into their various offerings. And as economical as it seems, that’s an illusion as well. Receive a coupon for “one free anytime hug” or “breakfast in bed with all the fixings” and, no doubt, to you it will be

Download the PDF.

Excerpted from The Write Start by Jennifer Hallissy.


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