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Soft Flower Vase from Felting for Baby

Soft Flower Vase from Felting for Baby by Saori Yamazaki

Wrapping an ordinary glass flower vase in felt gives it a distinctive and contemporary feel. After all, green goes well with wool, which comes from sheep that graze in green meadows. And with its felt covering, this vase won’t break if it falls over.

Click here to download the PDF of this project.


2 thoughts on “Soft Flower Vase from Felting for Baby

  1. Hey Cha Cha, Nice to “meet ya”,(I came over from The Point)I too am a re-purpose-clothier of sorts. The challenge is alwyas in seeing the possiblitities before getting rid of something or passing it up at my favorite 2nd hand haunts.I saw such a cute idea of felting old wool sweaters into things a few years ago. Clipped out the page and then never tried it until this Winter when I made some wonderful orange mittens out of a wool sweather. The cuff part is from the cuff of the sleeve of course, so you can easily imagine how it is,It’s better Felt than TeltinNE

    • I hadn’t done ANY needle fentilg when I accidentally happened upon this wonderful little book. In addition, the first printing of this book was completely in Japanese! In spite of that, I was able to look at the pictures and diagrams and create my first needle felted pup! I love dogs and that’s what drew me to it The negative review about the book is misleading. If you have any kind of craft or art ability, you can do do this! As far as finding supplies, if you have access to a computer and the internet, you can find everything you need. Ebay is an excellent source for fiber and fentilg needles, and even offers supplies. Needle fentilg is a wonderful, portable craft that will delight you and the friends and family you choose to share it with. Give it a try, but remember those needles are sharp! Don’t look up while poking the wool!

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